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Last update January 15th, 2000.

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Water of the Styx ranked top shelf

Black Isle at GenCon

Torment Novel Interview

Top Shelf!
Water of the Styx takes 1st place in's Planescape-Torment Fansite Contest! Visit the other winners from the contest at our links page, Gatekeys.

Congratulations to everyone who won, and to for hosting the contest.

We look forward to updating more frequently once the game is released and we can commit to our mission. In the meantime, if you are looking for up-to-date info on the current state of pre-release Planescape-Torment we suggest visiting the official site at and the other bloods, who work very hard to update daily during pre-release.

Your first visit? Amid the flurry of Torment fansites released, is attempting to produce a site that is as unique as it is useful. Our mission is to provide the bridge between the Torment PC game and the Planescape AD&D campaign setting.

You may add the flavor of Torment to your table-top game by using the Nameless One in cameo apprearances, reading of his adventures in the Sigilian newsrag, SIGIS, and using Core Rules 2.0 Imports of the monsters of Torment.

PC gamers can learn more about Planescape by consulting the mimirs, reading Voila!'s introduction to Planescape and learning about the various Planescape products.

Order online and get the Torment novel for free!
Learn more about the novel from our interview with author's Ray and Val Vallese!


Black Isle promotes Torment at GenCon '99!

Black Isle crew members share a bit of the dark of Torment at GenCon '99.

Project Leader Guido, and others stay behind to finish the last few remaining tasks before release.

At GenCon '99, had a chance to chat with few of Black Isle's team...


A Brief Interview with Torment Marketing Genius Greg Peterson:


What were the questions most often asked about Planescape Torment?

"When will it be finished!?" Naturally that was the most asked and answered question. Personally I think that the absence of the development team from GenCon showed how close we were to finishing things up.


Did anyone express suprise about the existance of the product?

Actually, no. I was surprised myself at the numbers of people who had heard about the game and were waiting to buy it. A few people came to the booth and asked about Planescape before they even knew it was being demoed. However, most people (especially core gamers) know about the game.


Could you distinguish pen and paper Planescape fans from computer game/Interplay fans?

No, I couldn't. I think it was easier to distinguish between the fantasy gamers and the sci-fi gamers, personally. Part of the challenge is that there are many gamers who play BOTH computer games and pen and paper games. There was one exception however; if a person was in costume, they were a pen & paper gamer. Anyone who was that much into their gaming tended to be into pen & paper - perhaps because you tend to have a longer relationship with pen & paper games than with any particular computer game.


You had mention hoping to work with TSR to do some Torment/Planescape tournaments/demos. As far as I could tell nothing really materialized. Am I wrong?

We did not do anything special with Planescape at the show - even though we sponsored several Alternity and Forgotten Realms tournaments. Part of the reason for this was that the game was not yet complete (we were originally hoping to have the game complete for the show) and because the game wasn't done, no members from the dev team were there. I had originally hoped that we might have autograph signings, special dev team VIP Planescape tournaments, etc, but it was not to be... Perhaps next year?
"Colin did what? I told you to keep the perminent markers in the locked drawer! No, the Lady of Pain DOESN'T look better with a mustache!" - Big Tuna, away from home, but in control.



Planescape: Torment Novel to be published
join us for an interview with the authors! had the oppertunity to speak with Ray and Val Vallese concerning their latest collaboration, the Planescape: Torment novel. The novel will be released in November, after the game's release, and will detail the Nameless One's adventures in Sigil and beyond. Read more, as Ray and Val explains the joys and challeges of their first novel, based on the soon to be best-seller game, Torment!

Order Torment and get the novel for free!
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