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Hello, there my tasties! Leaving so soon? Well this old Hag doesn't get much kind business such as yours. Lookin' of a few gate-keys, or portal keys to track down the Nameless One eh? Very well, you might find a few around here...Maybe Rimant can give you a bit of chant as to what portal each key opens...

Portals to the Demi-Plane of Interplay:
Sing a merry tune in front of the ale house in Xaos to open up these portals.

Official Planescape-Torment Website
Interplay's front door.
Pre-order Torment ( and get free Torment novel!)

A complete listing of Game Site Reviews


Hidden in the mists of the Ethereal, lies the greatest of Demi-planes. Choose any of the three to be lanned about their games.

If you're curious to read what other bloods say, this portal here will speed you on your way!

Portals to the Guvner's City Library of Sigil:
The portals may be opened by debating the meaning of 'Good' on the Planescape Mailing List.

Voila!'s introduction to Planescape
The Planescape FAQ

Consult the Mimirs on all things Planescape
Visit GenCon '99 via

Portals to every known Planescape site!
Read great Planescape fan fiction!

Call it chant, the dark, or screed. Whatever its name, it's sure to please.

Never before will you see such a thing, hundreds of pages on the dark of planes!

Portals to the Prime
This portal must be opened by finding a rare copy of the G1-3 series. I hear A'kin, the friendly fiend is giving away a copy, in return for a favor...

TSR makers of AD&D, and Planescape!
TSRs Planescape home page.

Home of the Planes, where the Monteloth plays...and where a peery blood goes to get the chant these days.

Bloods of the Great Ring
The key to these sages of Torment lies in the webring graphic below, but until the modron's get it running, dance a Satyr's jig of joy under the arching Arborean trees...

The First PS -Torment Fan Site
The Mazes
The Underworld
New Rossyth Shipyards
Well of Torment

Others [1th -10th place winners]

Many are those who are wise of the Planes - who love to chronicle the Nameless One's pains.

For the Center of All is everywhere, friend! By the Unity of Rings you'll be back here agian!


Portals to the Abyss:
If you must go, then seek out a drunken bard with a giant's harp, slip between the strings while cutting your finger on a C sharp.


The Northshore

Curious about those things both strange and rare? Then hip to dark of Northshore and Bioware!

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