Forgotten Darks
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So you want old Grizzella to tell you more about the Nameless One and places he visits? I thought those darks would be long forgotten. Very well, curious one, I'm sure their is plenty of chant in Rimant about that, for the right price of course...

What is Torment?
Torment is the latest release by Interplay's Black Isle, producers of the vastly popular Baldur's Gate and Fallout 2. Follow this link to hear more about Torment straight from the producers of the game themselves!

"Planescape®: Torment™ is an Advanced Dungeons and Dragons® single player fantasy RPG, set it TSR's Planescape campaign setting.

Character creation is just the beginning - throughout the game your character adapts to fit your own personal gaming style. The Planescape universe is a setting you've never experienced before, filled with sharp-edged visuals, bizarre adversaries and strange magic.

Encounter inventory items with personalities. Manage an unpredictable party of the strangest allies to walk the faces of alternate planes.

You can regenerate, speak with the dead, and have magical immunities. You're a power to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, so is everyone else. " - from the Torment FAQ

What is a Mimir?
What is this "Mimir" business? A mimir is a magical construct, often in the shape of a skull, made to house memories, thoughts, and conversations. "I am the Mimir" is a site dedicated to pen and paper Planescape. Follow this link to find out more about Mimirs, Planescape, and AD&D.

Grizzella and the Amnesiac Mimir
What's special about this site? We are the bridge between Torment and pen & paper Planescape! Our in-character proprietor of the Water of the Styx can tell you more.


The Nameless One.Nameless One Walking
Want to put the Nameless One in your campaign? Click above for pen & paper stats for the character as he begins the game. Or, if you have TSRs Core Rules 2.0, you may also download our Core Rules Import of the Nameless One!


UpcomingAnnah the tiefling
Look here for Core Rule 2.0 and HTML versions of the NPCs of Torment, such as the Tiefling Annah.

Got the chant on NPCs and wish to share them with us? Compile those darks, Bloods! We'll be holding a contest soon for the best and brightest!





Secrets of the MortuaryMortuary
Not since the Eternal Boundary have we been privy to so much information about the mysterious kip of the Dustmen.  Torment takes the textual descriptions and gives life to the morbid tones to this gruesome kip. Add Torment's tone and mystery to the Mortuary in your campaign. 


Mortuary BarOutside the Mortuary Bar
Coming soon! A featured kip in Torment.  Stay tuned for a list of occupants, random encounters, and floor plans to add its flavor to your campaign.



The Great FoundryGreat Foundry Workshop
Coming soon! Some of the secrets of the Godsmen have been release to us in Torment.  Add depth to your campaign by using the information from Torment in your campaign!

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