Chant from the Razorvine

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So my tasties, you're looking for some sweet loot eh? Well I've done told you we only traffic in two things here at the Water of the Styx: Chant and Memories. Lucky for you, Rimant-Vide, my trusty mimir, is full of such treasures. Ask him nicely and he might share a few of his darks to you...


The Nameless One has gotten a bit of notoriety around here. He might not know who he is, but plenty of bashers think they do.

A Sigil newsrag called the SIGIS has got some chant on him, as well as a official Guvner-approved stat sheet on him.

Interested? Well I think I might have a copy or two around...

SIGIS issue with new Nameless One content.
SIGIS issues pdf version without Nameless One content Torment content coming soon!
Complete Torment Core Rules 2.0 Import (36k) Full import including:
Nameless One Character sheet.
Torment Monsters: Gronk, Grillig, Sohmien, Trelon.
Planewalker PC kits:
warrior, mage, rogue and priest.
Planewalker Spells: including Hellbound.
Planar Non-weapon proficencies.
(6k) The Nameless One NPC and monsters
(29k) Non-Torment Planescape Imports


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Curious about the Nameless One's Torment, eh? Very well, Rimant can conjure a few illusions based on the Nameless One's stories. Rimant will even rattle off a few versus in his patent barmy tongue. Some call his rhymes screed, some clues...

Viewing the Deadbook "Oh what a way to start your day by signing your name in the Deadbook. Imagine their surprise when you arise, laughing at their mortified look."
"The Plains of Avernus are hot as a furnace, and the pillar of skulls screams all-day. If your lookin' for a portal to get out'a baator, the skulls can point you the way." Looking for Midnight's Bloom
Outside the Mortuary Bar. "This little bar isn't very far from where Dead call kip in the Hive. You can hear the chant and the bubber's rant, but you may not get out alive..."

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