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Secrets of The Mortuary.

Torment is not the only Planescape adventure set in the Mortuary of Sigil. For computer gamers interested in learning more about the Moruary, or running pen & paper games set in the Mortuary, be sure to check out one of the Planescape settings first and better adventures...

The Eternal Boundry

Top Recommended ModuleProduct: The Eternal Boundary (2601)
Designer: M. Richard Baker III
What's It About? A great adventure to introduce both players and DMs to Planescape, Sigil, and the factions too. It involves a sinister plot to infiltrate the factions one-by-one, with great potential for further story lines based on the characters and events involved.
What Do You Get? A 32-page adventure, and a 4-page DM screen with maps and artwork.
Merits: I ran a campaign for a couple of months dealing with the repercussions -- certainly the best value I ever got out of a module! The colour plate art was great, it's a shame there wasn't more. The Dustmen's Mortuary is completely mapped -- a must for any Dead fan.
(review by Jon Winter)

The Eternal Boundry: One of bookstores top recommended books for beginning DMs! Get it now!



Stay tuned for future chant on the Mortuary and how to give it "life" in your games!

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