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More Tips, Tricks, and Misadventures.

A few insites from a Black Isle Staff member:

"...what should I mention first? How about interaction level?
There are just so many interesting people (or creatures) to meet in the game.
For example: there's this girl running around the Hive and, if you follow her, you can see that every time she gets near a door, she turns and runs away. If you talk to her about it, you find out that's she's deathly afraid of doors.

in 'da bar.'
in the Mortuary.

See, in Planescape, any enclosed structure, whether a door-frame, a crate, even a mug of brew could be a portal to another dimension! She apparently, got sucked through a portal once and had a somewhat unpleasant experience, as you can see by the fact that she's missing body parts! Throughout your conversation with her, you constantly hear her teeth chattering. You figure she's just scared, but on closer examination, you notice that her teeth are actually moving independently of her mouth! Creepy! "
- Scampy Art Guy , at



Tell us how YOU died today! When a dozen Grilligs have just torn you apart for the tenth time, cause all you're packing is a scalpel and a back-talking mimir, you'll need to laugh it off to win the game.

Acerbic, cynical laughter to be sure - but it will keep you sane berk!

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