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Updated January, 15th, 2000: New Domain name: www.torment.mimir.net
New information in the Chant.

Greetings my tasties! Welcome to the Water of the Styx, where sorry sods go to forget their troubles and curious bashers get the chant on the Torment of others.

Rimant Vide, by Jeremiah GoldenThe name's Grizzella the Night Hag, and this is Rimant Vide, the rhyming, amnesiac mimir. Don't fret my tasty, I'm not trafficing in souls today (at least not yours...yet) My mimir and I have a more precious commodity to share: Memories.

Yes, those ephemeral daydreams, those pesky reminders of a body's past, and the stuff of a body's identity. Those we have to share, don't we Rimant? By hook or by crook, many pay a good bit of jink to be lanned the memories the river Styx has swallowed...

Take for instance that scar-skinned basher the Nameless One. He's become a bit of a regular around here. The funny thing is he's looking for his past, not trying to forget it. Makes this ol' Hag cackle, it does!

A single drop of the river Styx will steal a body's memories and identity - the exact same problem the Nameless One has. So it's not surprising he's been by to see me and ol' Rimant here. See the dark of it is that not only does the Styx hold all the memories it has swallowed, it IS those dark and brooding memories! - and I know how to find them and make them spill their chant to good paying customers, like you.

So pull up a skull, and have a seat (mind the ravorvine!) while I pour a bit of this Styx water into Rimant and listen to what he has to say...

"The Styx has stolen many a memory, secret and pain.
With the aid of Grizzella you can have them back again.
The Nameless One couldn't cure his Torment here,
So he hipped to the Mortuary Bar for a beer."

If you're peery enough you might tumble to some great darks, and forget the torments that brought you here, or more likely, discover new ones. All is possible at the Water of the Styx.

Welcome to Mimir.net's Torment fansite. We see you've had the pleasure of meeting Grizzella, the character guide to our site. We'd like to take the time to introduce you to our site and its mission, then we will return you to her guiding clutches.

Many Torment fan sites will soon hit the net, but Mimir.net is attempting to produce a site that is as unique as it is useful. Our mission is to provide the bridge between the Torment PC game and the Planescape AD&D campaign setting.

It is our hope that this will be useful to computer gamers who want to learn more about Planescape, as well as useful to those experienced Planescape fans who wish to incorporate Torment's flavor into their own campaigns. As such, we are assuming you are at least acquainted the Torment, Planescape, and the cant.

For those new to the Planescape universe we suggest reading the
Voila!'s Introduction.

When you return Grizzella will be happy to greet you and lann you the chant.
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