Forgotten Darks

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The story of the Night Hag Grizzella and Rimant-Vide, the amnesiac mimir.

"Oh won't you come with me Grizzella, going where the Styx does take us. I was a sad and lonely skull, till your caring claws did find me.

Sing a dirge in the dark of the night, call to the daemons dancing, Lady of Pain may you flay to your delight but leave me to my Grizzella."

Curious about Rimant-Vide, my trusty mimir? Yes, my tasties, he's much more than your average mimir. Like most things on the Planes, things are not all that they seem.

He was 'created' a century ago, when some Prime cutter named Molin McCabre took a trip down the Styx seeking his way to Baator, carrying his trusty mimir at his side. Then his cross-trading guide, some Yugoloth no doubt, peeled him and gave him the laugh. The Prime cutter disappeared with a splash into the dark river of forgotten memories...but the story doesn't end there.

Something strange happened. Yes, strange even for the Planes, my tasties... Somehow the mixture of the yugoloth's magic, the Styx, and this leatherheaded Prime's ideas caused his personality to be exchanged with the mimir he carried at his side!

The mimir's magical nature protected his memories, and the river fouled his mind with hundreds of others... Now the poor sod doesn't know which memories are his, and which are some other berks. It makes me cackle it does!

Rimant-Vide is the opposite of the Nameless One! Where one knows nothing of his past (unless you've lanned him some chant) the other knows so much, he doesn't know which memories are really his! What a pair they'd make!

Why do I call him Rimant-Vide? Well, he calls himself that. Means "Rhyming void" in his Prime world's tongue, says he. And it fits. He's an empty skull that I fill with my Styx water, and he pours out his chant that he finds, distilling it from those dark waters...The only disturbing thing is the barmy little skull only talks in rhyme and song...

The River Styx has many tricks, and swallowing memories is only one. Through the Lower Planes you may go, riding on its flow, but pay your boatman well or you'll soon be undone.

Where do I come in you ask? Well my tasties, I'm so glad you asked! Yes, I was harvesting larva, that's souls of the damned to you clueless primes, in the Gray Waste (Hades, if you please, you leatherheads!) when I came across him. He was sitting on the banks of the Styx rattling his bone-box to apparently no one, spewing all sorts of addle-coved chant.

Then I saw the nasty crack in the back of his skull, and saw the Styx water a splashing around in his bone-box. Seems like he could distill the memories and thoughts from the waters themselves!

After tumbling to this, I was quick to set up shop in Sigil. And that's where you berks, uh, I mean Gentle Customers, have found us.

Now it seems you're really interested in the Nameless One, and you're not the first, so I'll see what kind of chant we have on him...

Oh, yes, here's the stuff. Let me pour this pitcher of Styx water into Rimant's brain box here...ah here's the Darks, my tasties!


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